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  • Martha Stewart American Made 2013

    This year has bestowed Folk Fibers with an abundance of emotional support and encouragement. In October Chap and I headed to NYC to meet Martha Stewart and receive the 2013 American Made honoree award!

    When starting Folk Fibers in January 2011 I was not focused on being recognized and achieving public approval. The thoughts that propelled me was my desires to express myself artistically, while sharing my process and perfecting the craft of natural dyes and quilting. I was driven by passion; starting seeds in the greenhouse, planting a dye garden, harvesting color and making quilts. I wasn't looking to grow my business fast with these slow processes, but something magical happened and the interest in my work grew.

    I am thankful for everybody who has given their support enabling me to be where I am today, but I want to specifically thank the team who set the stage for this major honor. Hannah Milman, the editor of crafts at Martha Stewart has been a supporter of mine and she continues to inspire me as a professional. We met earlier this year in Austin at QuiltCon, a quilt conference presented by the modern quilt guild. Spending time sharing ideas with Hannah and meeting the whole craft team was a highlight of this trip to New York!

    I am proud to share this special video produced by Paige Goudey with the help of videographer Jeff Panis. Making this video was an awesome experience, I loved collaborating with these enthusiastic and positive people.  

    The editorial photographs where shot by Jennifer Causey.  It was a joy working with Jennifer, I had been an admire of her work on The Makers Project, documenting makers in their environments. Having the focus of her lens made me feel honored and beautiful. 




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    • MACKENZIE says...

      just soooooooooooo rad!!!!!! ahhhhh!!!!!

      On March 16, 2014

    • Janet says...

      While immersing seventh graders in the literature piece, The Giver by Lois Lowry, your American Made video spring boarded the essential questions, What does it mean to be human? and How can humans effectively interact in our community? Previously, students chose a crayon color to represent themselves and then could relate your color study to their own journeys. You continue to inspire a variety of audiences! You will never know the boundless effect that your are has taken! Kudos, Maura!

      On January 13, 2014

    • Mary Finlayson says...

      Maura! This is incredible! What an inspiration you are. I feel so honored that I got to meet you at the ACE Camp in Austin. So many congratulations to you. You deserve every ounce of recognition!

      On December 13, 2013

    • Natura Kusumadewi says...

      You’re so inspiring ! you inspires me , a lot ! :) thank you

      On December 13, 2013

    • Astrid says...

      Congratulations! You work so hard and are so dedicated to your craft — you are an inspiration! It was such a privilege to learn from you at Ace Camp. You are such a remarkable combination of artist, scientist, naturalist and craftsperson (and more), and you and Chap are among the kindest and most generous people I’ve ever met. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and process with us! All the best for you both in 2014!

      On December 10, 2013

    • sarah says...

      So, so cool. Great work, you really are doing some amazing stuff. Keep it up.

      On December 04, 2013

    • pam newton says...

      Love your work & your way. Discovered you via Terrain. Thrilled to see what a hit you are — Martha & Levis — woo wee!
      The sky is the limit. Congratulations & all best wishes. May your success continue through the years.

      On December 04, 2013

    • Karen says...

      You continue to be a major influence in my work and a powerful and positive inspiration to the quilting world in general! Thanks for your commitment to doing things your way- a cleaner and more conscious way, and forging your own path. It’s one I see many quilters- I for one- wanting to follow! Congratulations on your very well deserved recognition. What a year you’ve had… cheers to another great one ahead! I’ll enjoy watching your creative journey!

      On December 04, 2013

    • Haley says...

      YOU ARE SUCH AN INSPIRATION! SO happy for you and this amazing recognition and accomplishment.

      On December 04, 2013

    • Carla says...

      Looking at your quilts is a form of meditation and makes me feel grounded.

      On December 04, 2013

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