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  • Tools For Hand Quilting


    Pictured above are the tools that I use for hand quilting: japanese sashiko thread, sashiko needles, water soluble graphite pencil, a "nimble" leather thimble (with a reinforced metal tip), glass head long pins. I talk more about my love for sashiko thread in an earlier blog post, you can link to it here.

    Speaking about my tools, I was recently featured on Design Spong in the "what's in your tool box" column! I feel very honored to be mentioned on such a big blog. I went to college with Ginny Branch Stelling, the lady who manages the column (and wonderful stylist), so it was also nice to connect with her again. If you haven't already read the article you can check it out here

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    • Lillian says...

      Do you have a tried and true batting that you use? I’ve yet to find one I love so I’d be grateful for some new ideas.

      On April 12, 2013

    • k says...

      great to read the interview with you on design sponge – congrats. i discovered your work through instagram and love to see what you are stitching and dyeing, both things dear to my heart. your quilts are beautiful.

      On June 16, 2012

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