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  • Baby on the way!

    Just when I thought life couldn't get anymore exciting we find out a baby is on the way! Are little babe is arriving early July! Chap and I are over-the-moon with the beautiful changes happening in our life. I'm feeling wonderful now that the first trimester is behind us and the winter blues is slowly melting away.

    This past weekend our close friend Josh Goleman came to visit us in Texas and captured these awesome pregnancy photos. Josh is a photographer and cinematographer based in Brooklyn, NY. Together Josh and his wife Murphy run a business that focuses on music and adventure. 

    I feel fortunate to have them in our life, we're practically family. Josh has a special talent for capturing life's magic candidly and Murphy runs the backend making it all come alive. 

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    • melinda tai says...

      Congratulations! You look so wonderful and so much joy.

      On May 27, 2014

    • Donna says...

      Congratulations! Wonderful photos.

      On April 14, 2014

    • Lee Charlton says...

      Ooooh, that baby bump is getting bigger and bigger! You look great…..

      On March 19, 2014

    • Byrd says...

      Congratulations! I am new to your work and love it. Best wishes on this wonderful path – enjoy every moment! Take care, Byrd

      On March 18, 2014

    • Mackenzie says...

      so so so so so very happy for you. XOXOXO

      On March 16, 2014

    • kim says...

      Congratulations! You look so lovely and happy!

      On March 14, 2014

    • Nancy McDonnell says...

      Life is a gift. You look radiant!

      On March 12, 2014

    • rachel says...

      Maura, I love folk fibers and I am so excited for you and chap.

      On March 12, 2014

    • Aisha Z says...

      Congratulations Maura the photos are just beautiful

      On March 12, 2014

    • julia says...

      congratulations! you look beautiful and radiant and it’s such a gift to feel good during pregnancy. i had a baby seven months ago and can wholeheartedly say that it is the greatest thing in the world. you will find so much joy you never knew existed!

      On March 12, 2014

    • Bree says...

      Maura, you are so beautiful! The way Josh has captured you and your baby bump is just priceless. How gorgeous! So thrilled for you and Chap! Sending our love from Oklahoma!

      On March 12, 2014

    • Katie says...

      Congratulations!!! The photos are just beautiful!

      On March 12, 2014

    • Izzy says...

      When I read your news all I could do is smile. Im so happy for you, you will be such a good mommy !! Izzy Renbjor

      On March 12, 2014

    • Sara says...

      Such exciting news! Congratulations! Best wishes to your family and the soon-to-be-new addition!

      On March 12, 2014

    • Jeremy Current says...

      Maura, you are amazing and beautiful. I’m a big fan of this pregnancy.

      On March 12, 2014

    • Rachel says...

      Congrats, Maura and Chap! So exciting. These photographs are lovely and you look beautiful!

      On March 12, 2014

    • Monet says...

      We are SO HAPPY for you guys. Parenthood is the best adventure in the world. Hopefully we can see you when we come in town in a few weeks.

      On March 12, 2014

    • Lauren Bradshaw says...

      The photos are gorgeous and your bump is so cute!

      On March 12, 2014

    • Nicole says...

      That is so wonderful. You two will make the most awesome parents. Congrats!!

      On March 12, 2014

    • Stella says...

      Oh goodness Maura these are just so beautiful. Congratulations!!

      On March 12, 2014

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