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    About a year ago we bought a house in the country and conceived a child. So much has been said and written about having a baby that it's difficult to summarize my experience without cliches. So I'll keep it simple, Chap and I welcomed our baby girl, Ada Mae Ambrose into the world July 6th 2014. We went the natural childbirth route, it's not for everyone but it was right for us. These first 3 months have been everything…amazing, challenging, purifying, and debilitating, all in a single day's time!

    I have fond memories of laboring at home. It was a hot summer day and by chance we met our 92 year old neighbor Bob and his daughter Lynn. They showed us around their mile long property in Lynn's pickup truck. It was just like those stories I read from the hippies down on the farm, in the books (about natural childbirth) by Ina May Gaskin. Our neighbors made us feel so welcomed. We shared their love and appreciation for this natural landscape. It put our hearts at ease to feel the future of our surrounding property was safe and secure in the hands of good folks who care. The day ended with a rainbow in the sky and a baby in our arms.

    Our time here is precious, Ada has grown so much already. Slowly but surely, I am getting the hang of this mom thing and feeling ready to return to the work. Working from home has it's challenges but I am grateful for the chance to figure them out.

    This next year is a big one! We have been blessed with the opportunity to write a book. We are working to write a book on quilting, natural dyes and living on a few acres. It'll probably be a couple years before it hits shelves and there is lots to figure out, but I'm so lucky to have the help of Chap and an amazing community. I know that anything is possible.

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    • eli says...

      Love your works and stories.Btw what a coincidence, my I was born on July 6th and my daughter’s born in 2017 name is Ada, just like my best friend’s Adas are awesome. Love!

      On June 19, 2019

    • Nicola Mian says...

      So excited to hear a book is forthcoming

      On February 07, 2019

    • Lana Bartkiewicz says...

      Hi Maura,

      Love you natural dyeing techniques. Look forward to your new book. Any chance it will be published in 2016?


      On July 12, 2016

    • Marina García says...

      My name is Marina. I’m Spanish but living in Turkey. I would like to thank you for your inspiring work, life perspective, type of bussiness you have achieved, your work with Nature, your generosity sharing all your dye experiences…
      Do you know that Ada means island in Turkish? I also have a daugther, few days younger than yours, and once I thought about this name for her. At the end we came out with Olivia…
      Good luck and keep going!

      On August 01, 2015

    • Lisa Minder says...

      Congratulations and all the best of health and happiness! I happened upon your work on Pinterest and have visited your website several times. I love your work and very much admire your dedication to your craft. Here in Beijing, there is a growing interest in hand-made artisanal food and crafts, organic food and living a slower life. I would love to take one of your workshops, but we are such a long way from you. Perhaps one day you might consider giving a workshop in Beijing! I know many people who would attend! Best wishes, Lisa

      On May 05, 2015

    • Liz says...

      I read the article in the Statesman with much interest and look forward to hearing about your workshops in the future (I’ve signed up for the newsletter).
      It’s great to see a new generation of natural dyeing and handstitching artistry getting support in the media and I wish you every success!

      On November 06, 2014

    • Nancy Carson says...

      I read the article in the American Statesman featuring you, and very inspired and intrigued by your natural dying process. I love that you appreciate the gifts of the land you live on, and know how to turn the colors you collect into dyes. Amazing! Congratulations on your precious baby girl, she is beautiful. I am a lover of sewing and nature, and my husband and I also recently purchased some land in the country in Holland Texas. There are so many gifts from nature out on our land, and I am looking forward to your new book for inspiration. Please add me to your list when it comes out.

      Sincerely, Nancy

      On November 06, 2014

    • Paula says...

      What a inspiring family! You let us believe that good things are possible when made with love! Congrats!

      On November 03, 2014

    • Nicole Wareham says...

      My name is Nicolle Wareham.I got a message on yahoo about needing someone to watch your child. Where are located? I could help out. I also had my 4 kids at home with a midwife! If you still need help just let me know.

      On October 16, 2014

    • Lona says...

      Maura, I am a new follower of your beautiful works. I like the use of solids, and the hand dyeing adds a whole new dimension of just plain awe! I also love the red VW bus and your story! My husband has a white VW bus also.

      On October 14, 2014

    • Laura Candler says...

      Great to get an update from you and the family — I’ve loved following along on Instagram! I’m really looking forward to your book. Best of luck to you and Chap and Ada as you adventure forth together!


      On October 10, 2014

    • Pam says...

      What a nice post! So great to hear from you. Looking forward to your book! Take care, Pam

      On October 08, 2014

    • Christine says...

      Looking forward to your book. Your works of art are beautiful as is your precious daughter, Ada. Many blessings to you and your sweet family!

      On October 08, 2014

    • Rebecca says...

      Wonderful!! Sounds like life is good :)

      On October 08, 2014

    • Jimena says...

      Maura, you and your beautiful family are so inspiring.
      The best od the best for you three

      Hugs from Paysandú, Uruguay

      On October 07, 2014

    • Casey Atterbury says...

      Congratulations! Ada is absolutely beautiful! We too welcomed a baby girl this year (in March) via a natural unmedicated birth. What a powerful experience! I wish you all the best and can’t wait to read the book! Congrats again!

      On October 06, 2014

    • Nat says...

      Congratulations to you both and welcome Ada, the beautiful baby girl. I’m looking forward to have your book in my library. All the very best with lots of love from down under – Hugs Nat

      On October 06, 2014

    • Laura Hall says...

      so good to hear from you all. Love it. Glad everyone is happy and healthy. Enjoy the journey every day.

      On October 06, 2014

    • Kathy Cothrum says...

      Congratulations on the baby! I also did natural childbirth.
      Please notify us when it’s available.

      On October 06, 2014

    • Gwen says...

      So looking forward to reading your book! Love your work.

      On October 06, 2014

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