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    It became an act of patience.

    When I took a few months to travel I experienced an entirely new level of great ideas. It's hard to find the words to describe how I felt. I felt a complete range of emotions and after the 4 months were over, I had grown tired of documenting and receiving information. I felt a deep need to execute.  A good analogy would be comparing it to the process of making a reduction.  Take balsamic vinegar for example.  If you take the time and patiently heat a pot of vinegar it thickens, and sweetens, and evolves into a all around richer substance.  But not with out spending a good amount of time incubating. Being on the road for a long time was of course a time of self exploration, but the artist in me wanted to execute, and the woman in me wanted to nest. It became an act of patience. 

    Road trips can be conducive to creating, it usually takes the form of photo documentation and blogging.  Documenting a travel adventure can be so exciting that there is a huge urge to go nuts. I quickly discovered taking photos felt like I was living in the fourth dimension. Oneself is not entirely experiencing the moment when taking a photograph.  Rolling down the window and actually living in the moment, and reflecting on the experience by meditating and keeping a personal journal was most powerful.  When the trip was over, it wasn't the details of what campsite we stayed in, on what day, in whatever state, that mattered.  What mattered was how we felt, what we learned, and who we met. 

    The creative process can sometimes feel like a gust of warm wind.  There are occasions when a surge of great ideas come all at once.  It can be mysterious.  I have noticed a pattern. When I clean my studio, which also leads to organizing, it creates this fresh visual catalog of collections and materials in my head. This process of tidying up is rewarded with great ideas.  But this is where the mystery lies. As artist, I can not keep a schedule to clean my studio, in fact that would inhibit the magic.  I feel like the cleanliness of my work space is tied into the start and finish of each project, and each project varies in time.  It's similar to the change in seasons. Sure, I maintain a certain system of order, like small quick cleans at the end of each day, before I turn out the lights.  But its after each project that comes a much anticipated innovatory and clean up.  I have learned my creative process comes from making time to breath new ideas in, and observe the patterns found in nature.  I am interested in learning where other people find their great ideas, and how do you channel your creativity?  Because it is unique for each of us, and so much of it is a personal exploration. 

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