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  • The Story Behind The Minimal Wallet


    I designed this wallet inspired one that I picked up in Cherokee, NC during my travels.  After using the wallet for a few months I concluded that it is a simple & perfect wallet, and today I am pleased to announce it is for sale in my shop!  

    But the path that it took to get to my shop is not as straight forward as it may appear.  Lately I am finding a great amount of inspiration in making gifts for friends and family.  It is a perfect platform to get an idea out and craft with love.  This wallet was inspired by my recent randevu with Josh Ridel, who works at instagram.  Josh started following my instagram photos when we were traveling in our bus last year, as the community manager at Instagram he contacted me, interviewed me, and published me.  We stayed in touch and when he was in Austin this past weekend we finally met in person!  I came bering this wallet as a gift and token of appreciation for all the promotion he has given me.  I had the idea to make the wallet for a few months but it wasn't until the excitement of sharing my idea, that I actually got to work and executed my idea.  The repeat tooling on the one side is inspired by another new friend that I meet recently here in Austin.  Natalie Davis at Canoe Tool and Tack has been my inspiration for leather tooling.  She is really onto something with combining her repeat designs with leather tooling. We have been going to leather happenings around Austin recently and it's impossible not to be inspired by all of it.

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    • Jessica says...

      So great! I have that crossed arrow symbol tattooed on my ankle! One of my very best most special friends has the same! Cheers to commemorations. This wallet is beautiful!

      On March 27, 2012

    • haylie b waring says...

      i LOVE hearing your process from the original inspiration to needing a thoughtful gift and sharing creative endeavors with others! I think that sharing is so important- it’s a great gift in itself. You are lighting a creative fire in me… thank you! xoxo

      On March 19, 2012

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