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    When I was in need of a sufficient growing space for the Folk Fibers dye garden I went to a guy that I know has land, my former boss Brenton Johnson. The story about Brent starting his farm in his backyard here in Austin is no secret, it's sweet and simple, and printed on thousands of CSA boxes and produce labels.  Brent still owns the house on Holly Street where JBG got started in the backyard, and front yard, and both sides.  Brent rents out the Holly Street residence and one of the tenants is how he found his amazing graphic designer (and my pal) Ryan Rhodes.  Brent and Ryan both gave me their blessing to use the now famous backyard garden.  So I did, and it's better than I expected. The soil is fertile from many years of organic matter endowed onto it.  It's a perfect amount of space for my needs, and it has been really nice to see Ryan more often.  This week my story on getting started  was featured on the JBG blog, read the full article here. The JBG photographer, Scott David Gordon made the time to visit me in the garden and took both of the photos for this story. 

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    • Chris says...

      I just went to Ryan’s a couple nights ago and was blown away by your project.

      On July 30, 2012

    • Katie says...

      That is so exciting, congratulations!

      On March 22, 2012

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