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    This Wild Idea is a project created by a great photographer and my friend Theron Humphry.  Thereon is traveling across America by spending 365 days to capture 365 stories from ordinary folks.  We meet in college but reconnected over our love for American road trips.  When he was passing through Austin I got to spend some time catching up with him and swapping stories about the road. We hung out and had lots of laughs, but he didn't leave town without conducting a touching interview with me. If your interested in hearing me share a short story about my family and growing up check it out here.  

    I'm fascinated by This Wild Idea project for many reasons but mostly because I love that when he captures a persons story and shares it through photos and audio, that act is actually an act of giving not taking. He is bringing a light to somebody's life, simply by caring to listen and taking the time to share it. While hanging out with Theron I observed what effect this has on him and his life journey, it's deep and endless.  He reminds me about the value of talking to strangers and getting to know your neighbors. When you share your time with others, you are blessing others and therefore you too will be blessed.  It is true and Theron demonstrates that with each and every story he stops to hear. 

    Photo taken by Thereon Humphry 

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    • Carly says...

      “Nobody makes gravy like grandparents” I love it. I miss you! I’m absolutely loving following your blog. What a wonderful cross-section of two great projects!!!

      On April 06, 2012

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