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    Inside the book "The Quilters" Women and Domestic Art: An Oral History, copyright 1978 

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    • Sherry says...

      I Love these photos. The lady in the background of the 8th photo down looks just like my memere. She wasn’t a quilter but she could sure put together a beautiful braided rug. Wonderful memories

      On November 02, 2016

    • Allison says...

      I must see about this book. One of my favorites is the same referenced by Stacey above: A People and Their Quilts by John Rice Irwin. Another I have recently purchased is called Quilts of Cumberland County: 1700s to 1970. It is a recent publication and while not nearly as in depth about the quilters as the Rice Irwin book, it is inspiring all the same.

      On August 03, 2016

    • Stacey Knouff Smith says...

      Just finished this..couldn’t put it down. I was struck how this was so much like reading about my own grandmother and great-grandmother. My grandmother was born in the twenties, but lived exactly like a pioneer in rural Mississippi during the Great Depression. She died five years ago and was one of my best friends…taught me how to quilt. This book made me feel so close to her again. I highly recommend it to everyone! My next one to read is A People And Their Quilts by John Rice Irwin, written in a similar format.

      On March 17, 2015

    • Patt says...

      Lovely. Thanks.

      On March 13, 2014

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