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    The quilts have arrived at the Levi's Malibu Store, and it feels SO good! It's a privilege to partner with Levi's, I have only great things to say about my experience. I am especially blown away with the spirit and teamwork happening over at Levi's Malibu store. Weeks before these three quilts were completed I received a message from Nick Osika, who has been the manager of the store since it opened 7 years ago. Nick expressed his excitement for the quilts to arrive and from then on out, he and the others at the Malibu store have been so supportive and helpful. If you live in the Los Angels area or are planing to visit, you must stop in to see my quilts and all the other handcrafted Made Here goods available at the store. 

    The three quilts shown here are all inspired by early American quilts from the 1800's. The patchwork techniques consist of log cabin, flying geese, and strip quilt. They are made using recycled Levi's denim and dockers pants, along with new and used cotton fabrics from my shelves. They are machine pieced, hand quilted with sashiko thread, and hand bound. A special thanks to my friends Monica, Mercedes, and Juliet for helping me with the hand quilting.  More photos of the quilts front, back and details are located in the "Special Projects" tab on my website.

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    • Sal says...

      Hi, Congrats on partnering up with Levi’s. In my world Levi’s is as big as it gets so this is huge in my book. I posted one of ur quilts on my Dirty Culture Tumblr blog. Hope you dont mind? I also added a link back to ur blog here as well as the Levi’s mention.

      On September 19, 2013

    • Maura says...

      Hi Elisa, I use sahsiko thread for all my hand quilting, I use it intact, I never separate it. Thanks for your comment!

      On June 04, 2012

    • Elisa says...

      Are you using sashiko thread or perle cotton? Looks a bit like perle in the photos. If sashiko, are you using the full strand or do you separate strands, and if so how many?

      On June 02, 2012

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