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  • Ambrose Road Trip Video


    This time last year my husband Chap and I were preparing for a 4 month road trip. We bought a VW camper van and fled Austin durring the hottest months of the year. The road has been calling me back...but before we finalized any new plans for taking off towards the West we decided to edit last years video. So much happened in 4 months, living out of our van, change in scenery everyday, twenty two states, and I realize we were often so taken with the landscape we declined to captured it on camera, which is wonderful in it's own way. I am so happy to finally share this little peek inside a big and beautiful part of our lives.  *All footage was shot by me and Chapman  

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    • Lacey Richter says...

      That Was Absolutely Beautiful and an Honor to Enjoy; thanks for making me feel a bit more light today.

      On September 28, 2012

    • Krystin says...

      This is my dream trip. Gorgeous video!

      On July 22, 2012

    • Heather M says...

      Sigh, love it. I feel like you just took me on mini-break!

      On July 21, 2012

    • tagi says...

      can’t watch the video – not available in Germany – perhaps because of the music…

      On July 20, 2012

    • MomA says...

      Very COOL!
      Love y’all!

      On July 19, 2012

    • Mom says...

      Love it! What a wonderful trip!

      On July 19, 2012

    • Allison says...

      So so wonderful!

      On July 19, 2012

    • Katie says...

      I love it! It’s great to finally see what it was like on the road.


      On July 19, 2012

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