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    This month allowed for a break in the work schedule, so we headed north for a while to witness a wedding and bask in the bounties of our relationships with friends and family alike. Brooklyn, Maine, then Brooklyn again, then off to North Carolina, and returning back to Austin. This trip brought a renewal in energy for me to continue creating and making my little business grow grow grow. The time away was exactly what I needed, and it was exactly what we needed. I live for the days dedicated to celebrating and expressing my gratitudes for life, but the more I grow into myself, the more I find these values revealed in my everyday life, inside my budding self-made career, and inside the union between me and my husband, and inside my visions and plans for the future. So here's to celebrating life, everyday! 

    While in Maine I experience the ocean phosphorescence for my first time. The glowing sparkle is only seen at night and the glowing is caused by marine plankton. When the conditions are just right the water emits a brief bright light when stimulated by air. After the wedding a group of us went skinny dipping in the pitch black night. With every kick, stoke, and splash made in the water we created small galaxies swirling all around us. I reveled in the natural pure energizing magic that surrounded me. 

    Lindsey and her farther, on the lake, and at the house where she was raised in Maine. I am so thrilled to have her and her family as new friends in my life. Being there gave me strong visions of my own, to raise kids in Maine, on a lake, oh how perfect. 

    The cots Chap and I slept on in Maine, the quilt on the left was made by Josh Goleman's Great Grandmother. It is a traditional double wedding ring quilt. 

    A private family graveyard in the woods of Maine.  

    Walking barefoot on moss. 

    An abundance of soft-shell lobsters this year in Maine, we couldn't have timed our visit any better, $4.00 a pound!

    Brooklyn and the special feelings and secrets it holds. 

    Murphy and I drove mopeds around Brooklyn all morning, first stop "Dough" for the best doughnuts I have sunk my teeth in, glazed and blood orange, made in house with soule. 

    Murphy took me on a tour of the Red Hook neighborhood in Brooklyn, my jaw dropped when I discovered Ralph's Club, I immediately fell in love with Red Hook. The guys in the shop were working on a vintage puch, and we just so happened to be riding vintage puches, I felt like part of the club. 

    It was wonderful to finally get the chance to see and enjoy my parents new house on Lake Gaston. I enjoyed spending quality time with my family and seeing them enjoy their retirement brings joy to my heart. I am looking forward to spending more time on the lake with them.












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    • Lou Goleman says...

      i loved seeing the photo of my grandmother’s quilt. Thank you for your advice! ha!

      On November 10, 2012

    • Jessica says...

      i love the sentiment here—the photos, yes, and the words even more so.

      On August 27, 2012

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