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    Yesterday, all day, was spent on a photo shoot, here at my house/studio, for Country Living Magazine! As I smiled for the camera I had a small sense of what I would be smiling about in months to come when my spread debuted early next year. But really I don't know what will come of all this exposure?! I'm more than honred to have had this opportunity, and feel grateful for all the friends and family that have helped me get to where I'm at. I've been involved with quite a few photo shoots in the past but Country Living was a whole new experience. For one they planned out every shoot before hand, and most of those shots were recreating my previous images but with direction and suggestions from the Country Living team. I was more than flattered that my self-taught photography skills translated into the guiding light for the days shot-list. It gave me a sense of confidence to keep-on-snappin' and assured me that taking my time to document does infact pay off over time. The photographer Buff Strickland and I conquered a long list of shots in approximately seven hours. I played stylist to the max, and Buff brought the professional photography skills to the table. I really appreciated the thoroughness and attention to detail that Buff naturally has in her image making, and it felt great to have that attention focused on my quilts and natural dyes. I also felt comfortable with all the portrait shots which can be difficult to act natural for. All and all it was a wondrous day. I can not wait to share the results when they are puplished! 

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    • Theresa says...

      Like the above photograph. Thanks for sharing your wonderful day yesterday.

      On October 04, 2012

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