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    This is the first example of patch-worked indigo-dyed shibori that I have every really liked. I am now inspired to experiment with it, and maybe even make a quilt?

    I've been learning through my explorations of shibori and have been regularly practicing these historical techniques. I've yet to use my indigo dyed shibori in the making of my quilts; for a few reasons.  I love solid colors, and I especially love solid colors in (my) quilts. But I do enjoy a hand-dyed look to natural-dyed cloth.  The subtle variations of dye with saturation and folds shine with beauty in my eyes. But I choose to go lightly on the prints in my quilts, if any at all, because I like them to feel timeless, and I feel patterns and prints date a quilt. I'm slowly being inspired to play with the idea after viewing this sampler on electric echoes' flicker stream. So thank you Eric Heupel, great looking shibori, and I noticed we are fellow Texas so I hope we cross paths sometime. 

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    • Susan Burghes says...

      Have you ever seen the art kimono of Kubota!Overwhelming…

      On March 05, 2013

    • Amanda Jane Jones says...

      So gorgeous!

      On November 06, 2012

    • mary austin says...

      I have a large collection of vintage and antique aizome. I have discovered that they all work together in making quilts – except yukata, which is a whole different animal. I think you are saying the same thing about shibori.
      Go for it!

      On October 29, 2012

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