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  • Quilts for Terrain

    Maura with Quilts, photo by Wynn Myers

    A batch of 5 quilts created exclusively for Terrain.  I drew inspiration from colors found in the natural world, made only with insects, minerals, and plants. The naturally dyed fabrics were patch worked with vintage scraps and unbleached cotton. The results of these efforts are heirloom-quality pieces, each one unique, timeless, and beautiful. All of the textile colors are found in nature and work beautifully together.  Inspired by traditional pioneer quilt blocks that evolved durring the mid-1800's when pioneers began migrating to the west coast. The pioneers endured hardships of hostile terrain. Women provided the strength and reason to endure. Their determination to meet their goal and to keep their families intact is documented in their needle work. Wrapping up in a quilt was a home when there was no house. 

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    • marietta warkentin says...

      May I inquire what type of batting you use for your quilts?

      On January 08, 2014

    • claire says...

      those colours make me so happy.

      On February 18, 2013

    • Audrey says...

      Cheryl Seals, I suggest you go to the following website and you will find lots of patterns and uses for recycled fabrics to make absolutely beautiful quilts.

      On February 13, 2013

    • cheryl seals says...

      Maura, I just got to your article in Country Living 3/2013 , i stopped dead in my tracks and read the article and went to your web site. I have sewed since i was five have made many scrap quilts by machine for the new babies an toddlers of our family over the years, nothing fancy just whatever i have or fabric that i made them baby clothes or maternity tops for their moms from…Just machine stitching away..I have a few hand pieced ones that aren’t quilted as of yet, been alot of years..I have purchased many quilt bks or mags looking for that look i want but only to be dissatisfied with with the fact that when they say scrap quilts they always require you to buy the fabric..fed-up…I do purchase fabric but only stuff second hand an pieces someone else is done with so i have a hodge- podge of fabric and thats the way i like it…reuse/recycle…when i saw how you have dared to reconstruct quilts with the look an idea of what you have recreated i got excited ! I have renewed faith that the old ways are coming alive in your works, something that would only be cherished more by the reciepant…Oh yes the quilts that i call cookie cutter quilts are beautiful, and have their place with the hard work of the seamstress…But in my eye youv’e got the gold standard…all the simple stitching of times gone by and a suprise on the back of a mixed pallette which i love…Ye have renewed my faith that i too can use my hodge-podge of fabric to create something wonderful…thanks keep in touch cheryl

      On February 10, 2013

    • Kim says...

      I just saw your story in Country Living and found your website and blog. I have to tell you that I find it very inspirational that you are making a living quilting and doing what you love. I’ve been quilting for a long time-this would be my dream job-just don’t have the “guts” to try! You have great stuff!!

      On February 07, 2013

    • Sweet Harvest Moon says...

      So beautiful!

      On January 19, 2013

    • Regina says...

      Maura, your work is so inspiring! Do you quilt on a hoop or frame? It looks like you are just quilting freely in one of your pics. Do you quilt directly to the batting? I’m so curious from your pictures!

      On January 03, 2013

    • sarah says...

      absolutely stunning, and wonderful connection to life, earth and the past.

      On December 22, 2012

    • katie says...

      Maura, these quilts are so beautiful!! Amazing work! I love the story of the strong woman behind them. Your work is very inspiring to me.

      On December 22, 2012

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