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  • The Story Behind The Box

     All my quilts come packaged in a handcrafted cedar box. These beautiful boxes are made by Kelly DeWitt here in Austin. Kelly is an amazing woodworker with a budding collection of well-crafted products. My favorite so far (besides the quilt boxes) is her garden toolbox and her coffee table. Both have elements of steel worked into the final design. Also, fun fact about Kelly, she has a piano in her workshop and enjoys making melodies on the ivory keys between projects. Check her out at KKDW.


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    • Lori friedman says...

      Acid is not your friend. If you made pillowcases for your quilts the wood would not discolor your quilts. Oportunities for more sales for you and keeps your customers quilts from getting ruined by your cute box.

      On June 05, 2015

    • Sally Walsh says...

      Hi, I discovered your site via a Mollie Makes magazine link. I am an extreme novice in the art of quilting but have been working on my own quilt for some time now, fitting it in between my day job and using scraps of material purchased from charity shops etc. I have done everything by hand and have thoroughly enjoyed what I have so far completed.

      Your site is very interesting and your quilts are utterly inspiring and very beautiful as is your business ethic.

      All good wishes for 2014.

      On December 31, 2013

    • Kaye Kittrell says...

      Maura, I was sent the Texas Monthly link from a friend originally from Texas because she knows I love organic farming and hand crafts. What a pleasure to know that young women are “keeping the faith” with the old ways, working in concert with nature (the only way we will survive) but making them fresh and modern and relevant for today’s consumers. I have shared the link on my personal Facebook page and and Liked your page. I started growing my own food in my Los Angeles front yard after decades of food activism and environmentalism and created a web show, “Late Bloomer,” about my adventure. I hope you will check it out. It’s never too late, just ask me! – Kaye

      On August 26, 2013

    • Maura says...

      @marigold – great point!

      I make sure to wrap the quilt in acid-free tissue paper whenever I put quilts inside their box.

      On August 01, 2013

    • marigold says...

      At the very least, I hope that the wood is sealed to protect the fabric of the quilts. Did you know that wood has acids in it that will destroy fabric? It will literally eat holes into it, weaken the threads and eventually lead to the demise of your fabric and quilt. So, hopefully precautions are being taken….I would never recommend that fabric or quilts be stored near or onto wood. It is a very bad mix!!

      On July 27, 2013

    • kathyinozarks says...

      I just found your blog and love it, I have been reading for an over an hour now-

      On July 26, 2013

    • Renee McCausey says...

      Amazing! What a passion you have for your work and it shines through!

      On July 21, 2013

    • Jenny Depa-Karl says...

      Wonderful craftmanship…the great passion is clearly evident!! In all you do! Congrats and continued success!

      On July 21, 2013

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