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  • Quilts for Terrain

    Maura with Quilts, photo by Wynn Myers A batch of 5 quilts created exclusively for Terrain.  I drew inspiration from colors found in the natural world, made only with insects, minerals, and plants. The naturally dyed fabrics were patch worked with vintage scraps and unbleached cotton. The results of these efforts are heirloom-quality pieces, each one unique, timeless, and beautiful. All of the textile colors are found in nature and work beautifully together.  Inspired by traditional pioneer quilt blocks that evolved durring the mid-1800's when pioneers began migrating to the west coast. The pioneers endured hardships of hostile terrain. Women provided the strength and reason to endure. Their determination to meet...

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  • signature quilts

    Today I am hand embroidering a quilt to commemorate a special someones wedding day! I pulled out these embroidered vintage quilt blocks for inspiration. I love the subtle imperfections and the speckled stains acquired from age. I also love the individual differences in script and stitches, and the old fashion names. I found these blocks in an antique store many years back. A quilt that has names embroidered on it usually is called a "signature quilt". This style quilt was common around the late 19th century.  This type of quilt was a way in which people and organizations raised money for a cause.  People paid for the privilege...

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