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  • Natural Dyes - Wild Mushrooms

    This was my first experience obtaining color from mushrooms. I have a growing interest in mushroom hunting, so it was only a matter of time the lore of natural color would guide me to collecting them for dyes. This past August I stumbled upon a perfect wet wooded breeding ground for a variety of wild mushrooms. I used rubber gloves to carefully harvest all the mushrooms found on the waterfront of my parents lake house near the Virginia/North Carolina border. Warning, some mushrooms are extremely poisonous, and even after dye and washing, the fabric can still hold dangerous properties that could irritate skin. Stay safe...

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  • Inspired by Antarctica

      My friend Murphy and I have been discussing a custom quilt inspired by the landscape of Antarctica. Murphy is currently on a 7 week expedition with Photographer Diane Tuft to document areas of Antarctica with a Nation Science Foundation grant. She created a blog where she shares photos of the icy landscape and details about extreme winter weather survival, as well as geographical information. In her blog she mentioned, "There are so many scientists here doing some incredible things! Some studies include : atmosphere, snowflakes, lake coreing, sea urchins, ice diving, seal tracking, penguin studies, and more." What an honor for her and...

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