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    Many plants have dormant seeds as a biological mechanism to ensure that seeds will germinate at the right time and under conditions that are favorable for the growth and survival of the next generation.  There are two types of seed dormancy: Exogenous (seed coat dormancy) and Endogenous (embryo dormancy). Some seeds have hard seedcoats preventing water absorption and the exchanges of gases. Without water absorption and gas exchange, germination would be impossible. There are several treatments to break dormancy for the purpose of inducing germination.  Scarification and Soaking are two pretreatment techniques that I have chosen to highlight.  They are simple and effective and I use...

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    Organic Soil Mix 1 wheelbarrow-load Vermiculite 1 wheelbarrow-load Peat Moss 1 wheelbarrow-load Aged Manure 2 4-inch pots Blood Meal 2 4-inch pots Rock Phosphate 2 4-inch pots Green Sand  After a couple years of working on organic farms, and managing a greenhouse, I have a clear understanding of what makes a successful soil mix. In the diagram above I extracted the basic ingredients to illustrate the raw materials.  The option to use comercial pre-packaged potting soils are widely available at nursery and garden supply stores, but you can also make your own potting mix! Making your own mix allows you to control the types and...

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