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  • The Story Behind The Box

     All my quilts come packaged in a handcrafted cedar box. These beautiful boxes are made by Kelly DeWitt here in Austin. Kelly is an amazing woodworker with a budding collection of well-crafted products. My favorite so far (besides the quilt boxes) is her garden toolbox and her coffee table. Both have elements of steel worked into the final design. Also, fun fact about Kelly, she has a piano in her workshop and enjoys making melodies on the ivory keys between projects. Check her out at KKDW.  

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  • Quilts available at Levis NY, Meatpacking District

      The stars aligned and a dream team came alive.  My quilts were destine for some special packaging and tags but it took a while for them to reveal what it would be. Ryan Rhodes & Renee Fernandez developed the graphics, and blue eyed, dirt bike riding, Kelly DeWitt handcrafted the cedar boxes. We all agree that it's a perfect marriage of materials and minds coming together. I would also like to acknowledge the wonderful women that have been helping me speed up the hand quilting process, the only way to make that possible is with many hands working together. So a big thank you...

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