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  • Nui Shibori: Stitch Resist

      I made this stitched resist rabbit many years ago, but I still love it so. Nui shibori includes stitched shibori. A simple running stitch is used on the cloth then pulled tight to gather the cloth before submerging in a dye pot. Stitching affords flexibility and control to create designs of great variety, delicate or bold, simple or complex, pictorial or abstract. This technique allows for greater control of the pattern and greater variety of pattern, but it is much more time consuming.  mokume shibori also known as woodgrain

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  • The Story Behind The Minimal Wallet

      I designed this wallet inspired one that I picked up in Cherokee, NC during my travels.  After using the wallet for a few months I concluded that it is a simple & perfect wallet, and today I am pleased to announce it is for sale in my shop!   But the path that it took to get to my shop is not as straight forward as it may appear.  Lately I am finding a great amount of inspiration in making gifts for friends and family.  It is a perfect platform to get an idea out and craft with love.  This wallet was inspired by...

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