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  • Nui Shibori: Stitch Resist

      I made this stitched resist rabbit many years ago, but I still love it so. Nui shibori includes stitched shibori. A simple running stitch is used on the cloth then pulled tight to gather the cloth before submerging in a dye pot. Stitching affords flexibility and control to create designs of great variety, delicate or bold, simple or complex, pictorial or abstract. This technique allows for greater control of the pattern and greater variety of pattern, but it is much more time consuming.  mokume shibori also known as woodgrain

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  • The Spirit Piece

    In quilting folklore "humility blocks" are often mentioned; an out of place color or odd placement in the patchwork design is an interpreted idea that since only God is perfect than making a perfect quilt is prideful. The opinions are divided if humility blocks are intentional mistakes as an exercise in Biblical decorum, or happy accidents. Quilt historians who have researched the origins of the humility block legend sum it up as a myth. The idea probably got started when people noticed an odd placement of a fabric piece or a change in color and wondered whether it was done on purpose; when infact...

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