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  • The Double Wedding Ring Quilt

    Meg + Johnny met while working at a preschool in Philadelphia, fell in love, and got married! It's only appropriate then that their backyard wedding was the most kid friendly wedding I have ever been to, ever. It was an extravagant feast of homemade food (mostly the brides loving labor) and fellowship among friends and family alike. Their ceremony was Quaker style, meaning without a lot of fanfare. Often referred to as the silent ceremony, Quaker weddings differ from the traditional ceremony in four significant ways: there is no officiant; no giving away of the bride; a wedding certificate is signed; and there is a long period...

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    A Garden's success depends in part on the quality of seeds planted. It is a shame to let seeds deteriorate inside a drawer or closet when simply putting them in an air tight container, inside the refrigerator, or freezer is the better option.  I am writing this because I realized many of my friends and family were making this common mistake, so perhaps it can be helpful to share what I know on seed storage. Conditions essential to good seed storage are just the opposite of those required for good germination. Good germination occurs when water and oxygen are present...

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