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  • Open House: 17th St ATX

    (psst.. I'm hosting another Open House BBQ on May 19th. I'd love to have you over.) My bedroom suddenly turned into a dream after installing shaker pegs, draping a quilt or two, and hanging a fresh garland of bay laurel over the bed.  I had fun displaying my work around the house and sharing an intimate evening in the company of bright spirits who came to support Folk Fibers. It was a great experience display the quilts and pillows, allowing people the chance to have a hands-on experience. I made new friends, some living here in Austin, some all-the-way from Oxford, Mississippi here for QuiltCon....

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  • Song of a People

    Christina, Juliet, Me, Ruby Ku, Melba, Chiane, and Ryan took the photo!   Today a group of friends helped me tame my over grown indigo garden. It felt great to have the helping hands but it felt even better to be comfortable asking for the help I needed. It was a step in the direction I'm headed with Folk Fibers. I have been moved by the interest and request to teach and share the craft of gardening, natural dyes and quilt making. This positive energy is playing a part in my development and vision for the future, and I strive to offer more workshops and...

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  • Natural Dye Workshop

    I understand where I am coming from; taking the talent and potential I was born with, and have since developed, now using it fully toward a goal and purpose that makes me and those around me happy.  A couple months before we moved to Austin, Chap and I came here for a week to secure a place to live and seek employment. I prepared for this visit by applying to a position as an Assistant Kindergarden Teacher at the Austin Waldorf School. After a few phone calls it became clear that the school decided to hire internally, but the conversation didn't...

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