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      The truth is every surface of our house has turned into my work space.  One of these days I will document the real craziness.  But I wanted to show a little peek at my new set-up.  It's wonderful how black paint seems to make everything pop!  Even rings true at grocery stores and farmers markets. If you haven't noticed before, next time try to be conscious of what farmers market booth draw you in...I bet they have black bins holding their produce. 

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    A Garden's success depends in part on the quality of seeds planted. It is a shame to let seeds deteriorate inside a drawer or closet when simply putting them in an air tight container, inside the refrigerator, or freezer is the better option.  I am writing this because I realized many of my friends and family were making this common mistake, so perhaps it can be helpful to share what I know on seed storage. Conditions essential to good seed storage are just the opposite of those required for good germination. Good germination occurs when water and oxygen are present...

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    You may have heard of carmine red, sometimes used in paints or in food as a red pigment coloring. Carmine red is the chemical extrapolation of cochineal red, a classic form of organic dye made by pulverizing the exoskeletons and egg castings of the cochineal insect, found largely in Arizona and Mexico.  Research indicates it can take up to 70,000 crushed insects to produce about a pound of cochineal dye powder, which can then be used to dye yarn, fabric, and other materials. It’s even used today for both fabric production and in a variety of foods and drinks you...

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