Special Projects

Levi's Made Here

These quilts are featured as a part of the Levi’s MADE HERE collection. All include recycled Levi's jeans or Dockers pants; as well as other new, vintage and hand-dyed natural fabrics. Made here made well in Austin, Texas, machine pieced, hand quilted.


A batch of 5 quilts created exclusively for Terrain.  I drew inspiration from colors found in the natural world. The colors are achieved sustainably with insects, minerals, and plants. The results of these efforts are heirloom-quality pieces, each one unique, timeless, and beautiful. All of the textile colors are earthy and natural, work beautifully together. Inspired by traditional pioneer quilt blocks that evolved durring the mid-1800's when pioneers began migrating to the west coast. The pioneers endured hardships of hostile terrai Their determination to meet their goal and to keep their families intact is documented in their needle work. Wrapping up in a quilt was a home when there was no house.