Sometimes the backsides of quilts are just as beautiful, if not even more desirable than the tops. When I make the backs for my quilts I construct a free-form design by sewing together large pieces of fabric, usually remnants leftover from making the quilt top. This process is improvisational and creates a moderate design compared to the front of the quilt. The large blocky designs on the backsides are a nice breather after the intensity of piecing together the formal and forward design that is intended to dedicate the quilt. It's always a delight to see the hand stitches come to life on the quilts, and the simple backsides become an ideal setting to examine the detailed handwork, revealing the love and quality that goes into an heirloom quilt. Here is a collection of quilt backsides that I have made over that past few years. Most of these were made using linen and cotton hand-dyed with indigo, pomegranate, along with strips of vintage mattress ticking and recycled denim fabrics.