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  • A Review On My Quilting Frame

    I recently received an email from a woman named Claire asking my opinion on quilting frames.       
    It was such a great question I thought to share it with you! 


    I have owned a Grace EZ3 quilting frame for 5 years now, and through out the years I realized it is not the quilting frame for me. On the marks of functionality, I do not like to separate my 3 quilt layers, so I do not use the 3 leader cloth bars. The 3 rail system is intended to be a time saver but not for me. If I do not baste or pin my 3 quilt layers together I find that the layers will shift and bunch up, which is no good. I end up not using the frame as advertised, and just draping my quilt over top of the frame to get it off my lap while I stitch. Even though it will adjust to fit all quilt sizes (crib-king), I am turned off by it's bells and whistles. I like that it is made out of wood but the plastic knobs are disappointing. 

    When I do get another quilting frame, I would either make my own using 2 saw horses, or I would invest in a handmade traditional quilting frame. The handmade primitive frames are they most beautiful and they provide for the basic needs to hand quilt comfortably. And if I'm lucky it will come with a story from the past.

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    • claire says...

      hi! thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question. i’m definitely not a bells and whistles girl, so your advice helped enormously. It is such a hard decision to make if you can’t sit down and do a little quilting at each of them to decide. i ended up going with an edmunds american legacy quilt frame which seems nice and basic, and i can’t wait to set it up and get quilting.

      On July 24, 2012

    • Elisa says...

      I intend to make a frame like the one Gwen Marston uses. She got it from the Mennonite women who taught her. I have instructions for how to make it from an old Threads article. Google quilt frame, Threads. I believe it was written by Joe Cunningham. The design is simple.

      For now I quilt in a hoop or freehand if I’m not machine quilting.

      On June 02, 2012

    • Betsy says...

      I do all mine in a traditional hoop…find that so much easier to move about.

      On May 30, 2012

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