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    Christina, Juliet, Me, Ruby Ku, Melba, Chiane, and Ryan took the photo!
    Today a group of friends helped me tame my over grown indigo garden. It felt great to have the helping hands but it felt even better to be comfortable asking for the help I needed. It was a step in the direction I'm headed with Folk Fibers. I have been moved by the interest and request to teach and share the craft of gardening, natural dyes and quilt making. This positive energy is playing a part in my development and vision for the future, and I strive to offer more workshops and volunteer opportunities. 

    Song of a People
    We watch the past create the now
    And wish to plant before we plow
    We hear “goodbye” in each hello
    And wish to stay when we must go
    We try to catch the closing door
    And seek for peace in time of war
    As day makes night a fugitive
    The living dream, the dreaming live.
    – Merle Good
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