Meet the Folk Fibers hand quilting community that made the work in 2013 possible!
From the left: Monica, Juliet, myself, and Mercedes

March of this year I reached a point in my studio work that I needed assistance with the hand-stitching process. Looking back I see how I was not ready to take this step years ago when I first had the idea to start a quilting business. This year was different, I was ready and motivated to seek help. I started by placing an add on Craigslist for assistance with hand-sewing. I had 8 people respond, we meet individually at a coffee house and I gave out a sample project. It was an organic and self-selective experience, rather than judging of skill level. I discovered the folks who wanted the work also happened to be skilled hand sewers and share an appreciation for craftsmanship.

The heritage of hand quilting is what has brought us together, and already our craftsmanship and techniques have grown from sharing with each other as a community. We are currently operating in a cottage industry format. We work out of our homes and come together when the work is complete. Organizing this has quilt guild has brought transcending happiness.

I thank you all for your interest and support as we continue to make heirloom quality bespoke quilts, hand-stitched in central Austin, Texas USA.