In a world that often moves at a frenetic pace, quilting beckons us to slow down, to find solace in the gentle rhythm of stitch after stitch. For those of us navigating life's many challenges and joys, such as raising young children or balancing work with personal passions, quilting can serve as a grounding force. It invites us to reconnect with our inner artist and to appreciate the ebbs and flows of our creative journeys.

The Year of the Quilt, a year-long course designed to teach, mentor, and coach participants through the process of creating a quilt, represents this spirit of collaboration and support. As we learn from one another, share our stories, and delve deeper into the craft, we begin to see the transformative power of quilting in our own lives and the lives of those around us.

The reasons we decide to make a quilt are just as unique and lovely as the quilts themselves. Some of us just want to create something beautiful, while others are searching for a stronger bond with ourselves and the people around us. I felt a pull to bring our creative circle together, and I've been so touched by the powerful sense of unity we've found in sharing our stories. By opening up and revealing what brought us here, I hope we can inspire others to join our journey and find their own spark of creativity.


Reason to Make a Quilt: Preserving Family Tradition and Honoring a Beloved Grandmother

Inspired by a cherished family legacy, you're eager to learn the art of quilting in honor of your grandmother. As an avid quilter, she created cherished heirlooms for your family until her hands could no longer manage the intricate work.

With several of her beautiful quilts adorning your home, you feel a deep connection to her craft and a desire to carry on the family tradition. By embarking on this quilting journey, you hope to make your grandmother proud and ensure that her passion for quilting continues to flourish through generations.


Reason to Make a Quilt: Rediscovering Identity

Rediscovering your identity in the aftermath of a divorce, you reclaim your living space and channel your emotions into the creation of a quilt that will not only adorn your bed but also symbolize your resilience and newfound independence. It's been a challenging season of life, and you're ready to surround yourself with comfort and beauty, starting with your own handmade quilt.


Reason to Make a Quilt: Embracing the Meditative Rhythm of Handcrafting

Embracing the meditative rhythm of handcrafting will bring you a sense of calm and stability, helping you rediscover your inner voice amidst the chaos. Through the art of creating at a human pace, you'll find solace and a deeper connection with yourself.


Reason to Make a Quilt: Reigniting Your Creative Spark

As a designer, your professional life revolves around creating for others, but you yearn to explore a personal project that reignites your creative spark and allows you to express your unique artistic vision without constraints. By embarking on a quilting journey, you'll have the opportunity to unleash your imagination and create something that truly reflects your personal style.


Reason to Make a Quilt: Conquering Doubts and Embarking on a Creative Adventure

You've long admired the art of quilting, captivated by the intricate designs and breathtaking patterns. However, as a craft enthusiast and natural dyer, you've shied away from attempting to create your own, viewing it as a pursuit of perfection that demands skills you fear you lack. But as the years have passed, your patient dedication to handwork has bolstered your confidence. Finally, you find yourself both eager and ready to conquer your doubts and embark on this exciting quilting journey, allowing yourself to grow and learn in the process.


Reason to Make a Quilt: Expanding Your Horizons and Embracing Growth

As you've immersed yourself in textile courses and successfully completed various pillow projects, you find yourself seeking a more significant challenge. Your skills and enthusiasm for the craft have grown, and you're now ready to embark on the fulfilling journey of creating a full-size quilt. By embracing this new endeavor, you'll have the opportunity to both test and showcase your abilities, further nurturing your creative spirit and discovering a deeper sense of accomplishment.


Reason to Make a Quilt: Reconnecting with Your Creative Roots and Finding Balance

Your lifelong love for making began at an early age alongside your mother. These experiences instilled within you an appreciation for the beauty and emotional significance of handmade creations. As you navigated the path of adulthood, your dedication to professional growth took center stage, and the creative pursuits that once brought you joy were left behind. Now, you recognize the importance of nourishing your creative spirit and managing stress through artistic endeavors like knitting and crocheting.

Despite a desire to delve into hand quilting, uncertainty about where to begin has held you back – until now. Discovering a supportive community and guidance from experienced quilters has opened the door to embracing this new creative journey. Although the idea of sharing your progress and working within a time frame may feel daunting, the potential for growth and camaraderie is a compelling force. By immersing yourself in the world of quilt-making, you'll not only create a cherished keepsake but also establish balance and rediscover a vital aspect of yourself that has been yearning for expression.


Reason to Make a Quilt: Anchoring Yourself Through Creativity and Community

In anticipation of the challenges that this year may bring, you sought a means to find solace and maintain a sense of grounding amidst potential turmoil. The allure of a quilting class, with its inherent community and shared sense of purpose, presented an ideal opportunity to not only embark on a creative journey but also establish a sanctuary from the chaos.

Though your machine lay dormant for some time, a friend's endorsement led you to discover a quilt community of like-minded individuals eager to learn and create. With this newfound support, the time has come to embrace your interest in quilting, transforming your intentions into reality and finding tranquility in the process.


Reason to Make a Quilt: Rekindling Quilting Love and Reconnecting with a Beloved Community

After a hiatus from quilting, you're excited to join a group and no longer pursue your passion in solitude. With quilting communities being scarce in your area, this opportunity holds special significance.

Your quilting adventure started as a self-taught enthusiast but truly blossomed during a class years later, where you discovered the joy of being part of a close-knit quilting community.

While raising a family, you continued quilting intermittently. Now that your children have grown and embarked on their own journeys, you find yourself with more time to rededicate to the craft. Discovering a quilt group at this very time feels like a serendipitous moment.

This new journey allows you to reignite your quilting passion and reconnect with a beloved community. Grateful for this opportunity, you eagerly anticipate learning and growing alongside fellow quilters who share your love for the craft.


Reason to Make a Quilt: Exploring Creativity with an Inspiring Quilter and Like-Minded Community

Passionate about fiber arts, especially knitting, you've always been drawn to exceptional, eye-catching quilts. The chance to learn from a talented quilter who creates such unique pieces, alongside a supportive group of fellow enthusiasts, is an opportunity too exciting to pass up.

Though your quilting experience is minimal, you've amassed a collection of quality fabrics for both clothing and quilting projects, filling your shelves with creative potential. Your interest in quilts blossomed after taking a beginner class at a local shop, and now, you're eager to expand your knowledge and immerse yourself in the craft within a community of kindred spirits.

With admiration for the group's collective talent and craftsmanship, you can't wait to create, learn, and grow alongside fellow quilters on this enriching and enjoyable journey.


Reason to Make a Quilt: Embracing Self-Investment and Storytelling Through Quilting

Feeling a long-ignored urge to invest in yourself and your creative journey, you're drawn to quilting as a means of self-expression, memory preservation, and comfort.

A recently completed art quilt, inspired by a family heirloom created by your grandmother, has deepened your appreciation for the craft and motivated you to further explore this art form.

Overcoming initial doubts about your ability to create precise and time-consuming quilts, you've come to realize that quilting is an inclusive and accessible practice. This realization, alongside your lifelong passion for sewing and a desire to connect with your family's quilting heritage, has fueled your enthusiasm for the craft.


Reason to Make a Quilt: Embarking on a Creative and Spiritual Journey

As a designer in the digital realm, you're drawn to the art of making things by hand and feel a deep connection to your grandmother's passion for sewing. Quilting offers an opportunity to channel your emotions and explore the themes and values that resonate with you, such as love, freedom, and forgiveness.

Envisioning a vibrant and symbolic quilt filled with meaningful illustrations, you hope to create a personal masterpiece that serves as a source of inspiration and a reflection of your life experiences. Despite limited sewing skills, your enthusiasm and willingness to learn are unwavering, as you're eager to dive into this creative and spiritual journey.

Reason to Make a Quilt: Stitching Memories of Love, Growth, and Change into a New Home

Following a significant move from a long-time home in the South, you're embarking on a quilting journey to capture and preserve cherished memories of love, growth, and transformation. Your former home was a sanctuary, filled with milestones, including falling in love, marriage, and raising a child.

As you settle into your new life in the North, you're eager to create a quilt that weaves together the story of your past with the present. This heartfelt project will serve as a beautiful reminder of your cherished memories and a celebration of your family's love and resilience throughout life's changes. By incorporating elements of your former home, you aim to craft a unique keepsake that brings warmth and comfort to your new dwelling.

Thank you for being here, thank you for being you!

Warm regards and endless thanks,