Today, I'm writing with a heart full of warmth and gratitude. As a parent, life has been feeling particularly crowded and full lately.  

Between the countless responsibilities, hands-on physical labor, and the ever-present demands of a child who always seems to have something to say (or do!), finding a moment of peace can sometimes feel like a luxury. But amidst all of this, I was graced with a simple but profound gift - the first daffodil bloom from the bulbs my daughter and I planted on Thanksgiving day.    

Seeing that delicate flower emerge from the soil, with its cheerful yellow petals open to the sun, was a reminder of the constant movement and change that exists within nature and our lives.  

Seeing that daffodil bloom is like a gentle reminder of the seasons changing, and of the ways in which our lives change and grow alongside them. It brings to mind the image of my 9-year-old daughter, growing up so fast but still so young, still trailing behind me with that ever-present refrain of "I'm bored." And while it's not always easy to come up with ways to keep her entertained, I find that suggesting activities like gardening, reading, drawing, or crafting usually does the trick, even if it often turns into hot glue experiments and slime-making sessions.

But in those moments, I'm reminded of the importance of holding onto my values as a parent, and of finding joy in the boundaries I set and the lessons I teach. And these check-ins here help me carry on as a warrior, keeping my spirit nourished and my perspective grounded.

So here's to the first daffodil bloom, and to all the memories, lessons, and inspirations that come with it.

May you find your own warmth and gratitude in the changing seasons, and may your creativity always be nurtured and supported.