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    Meet the Folk Fibers hand quilting community!
    From the left: Monica, Juliet, myself, and Mercedes

    March of this year I reached a point in my studio work that I needed assistance with the hand quilting process of my quilt making. A step that I was not ready to take years ago when I first had the idea to start a quilting business. This year was different, I was now ready. I started by simply placing an add on Craigslist, seeking the help I needed. It began through a process of emails and then meeting individually at a coffee house. Since then we have discovered our shared appreciation for the craft and traditions connecting us with the age-old practice of hand sewing. 

    What I didn't entirely realize before I started my own business, was that I would be establishing new connections with people that would end up growing into such meaningful relationships. One of the things I am most proud of is being able to pay for and provide meaningful work for my friends. The heritage of hand quilting is what has brought us together, and already our craftsmanship and techniques have grown from sharing with each other as a community. We are currently operating in a cottage industry format, which means we work out of the home. It's cozy and familiar, but it comes with limitations on space. So for now, we drop off and pick up quilts from each other, a ritual we all look forward to. As we gathered for a Sunday brunch at my house last month I had a glimpse of the future, but mixed heavily with a historical past. We are a quilting guild, and even though I breathed business into the quilting world, the culture surrounding quilts is one identified as coming together to celebrate, commemorate and remember the value of giving in a community. As I spend time reflecting and giving thanks I see more clearly what I value and what deserves more attention. 

    This year came at me like something straight out of a fairy tale. My life hasn't always been so charmed. I have never been in a spot light this bright for this long. It's bigger than me, and in all honestly I'm quick to get emotional when I take into account all that I am thankful for. The best way I can describe it as a transcending happiness one with tears, much like a wedding or the birth of a child...only this is a birth of a business established by a community. 

    I thank you all for your interest and support as I extend a big welcome to join in and follow along as we grow together. 

    Thanksgiving is not only a time of year, it's an expression of gratitude, continue to share the love! 

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    • Raymon says...

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      On August 16, 2016

    • Peggy Beaman says...

      I’m so inspired by your work and love reading back through the history of how Folk Fibers came to be.

      On June 11, 2016

    • claire says...

      ah, if only i lived closer. such an inspiration.

      On February 18, 2013

    • Cathy says...

      And I love your paintings of the srooms!

      On December 08, 2012

    • cathy says...

      This is very special! It’s nice to be reminded that when all is said and done it’s not about fame, money or noteriety or even accomplishments….its about LOVE!! Its about caring for people and sharing the love of our Creator …Letting Him use us like a pipeline to flow His light to the world!
      I admire you, Maura for t
      he LIght that shines through YOU!

      On November 30, 2012

    • Ashton says...

      I am so inspired by the work that all of you at Folk Fibers are doing. It is truly a heartwarming story for you Maura, and a gift that you were able to then extend that warmth to so many others. Thank you Monica, Juliet and Mercedes for joining our dear friend :)

      On November 28, 2012

    • Angie Landivar-Arrington says...

      I am grateful for the existence of a woman’s guild of this sort that not only continues the tradition of hand made textiles but the tradition of community. In an age of texting, emails and mass production it brings comfort to know that this type of group exists. I’m very happy to know that my mother has a hand in keeping these wonderful and much needed traditions alive.
      All the best,
      Angie, Mercedes’ daughter :)

      On November 27, 2012

    • Jessie says...

      Thank you for sharing this photo and thoughtful post.
      I am so happy that my mother found a group of women to share this tradition of craft and togetherness. It was awesome to see one of the quilts
      displayed in Manhattan, such a beautiful moment.
      Mercedes’ daughter, Jessie

      On November 26, 2012

    • Maura says...

      Thanks Sara! I think a few people were wondering how the hand quilting was happing so efficiently, so glad you care!

      On November 21, 2012

    • SaraVictorious says...

      I’ve been wondering how you were able to get so much hand quilting done – great to know you have a amazing team of quilting artisans working with you. Thanks for sharing your great story!

      On November 21, 2012

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