• Woven Railroad Stripe Quilt

  • This quilt is a basket woven pattern made with railroad stripe denim overalls, I've been thinking about this design for years, it brings me joy to bring my idea to life. I used 3 pairs of vintage overalls, painstankingly deconstructing every seam and using every possible inch of fabric that I could salvage - a messy laborious process, proved worth the effort.

    Quilting becomes a metaphor to life -- taking something apart at the seams, ripping and plucking at the individual threads, laying it out to inspect and measure, cutting it up and assembling it into something entirely new and wonderful - a quilt, an object that provides beauty, comfort and warmth. 

    railroad denim-overalls deconstructed by hand, machine pieced, hand-quilted with Japanese sashiko thread.

    63 inches X 51 inches

    comes packaged in a custom wooden box 



  • $4,300.00

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