• Black & White Quilt

  • The design was inspired by an Amish quilt from the 1930s. I love how the classic bow-tie pattern brings out the subtle color shifts.

    Machine-pieced from hand-dyed cotton using iron and tannin.

    Hand quilted in Austin with Japanese sashiko thread. The double-binding is folded over creating a durable edge and mitered corners. 

    Arrives packed in a handmade, laser-etched cedar box.

    98 inches x 103 inches (perfectly sized for a king size bed or can be laid oversized on a queen)

    With over 150 hours of handwork invested, this one-of-a-kind quilt can also be hung as a work of art.


    This quilt is touring as part of the Black & White, Twelve Quilts exhibition and will be available for delivery when the show is complete.

  • Black & White Quilt
  • Black & White Quilt

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