• Block by Block

  • All natural color and fibers join together in a pattern made block-by-block, one step at a time. The design is improvisational patchwork made with saturated colors of red, orange, brown, blue, and green contrasted with pastel blue, green and beige.

    Exquisitely hand-quilted in a repeating fan pattern, giving the quilt structure and longevity, while also creating depth and texture. The thread is hand-dyed with indigo adding a touch of whimsy to the stitches.

    A brand new quilt made using age old practices, achieves a unique bespoke character that instantly feels like a lasting Heirloom. It's guaranteed to bring warmth and life to whatever room it lives in.  

    Entirely hand-dyed with natural dyes & hand-quilted with Japanese sashiko thread

    74" X 86" 

    Arrives in a custom engraved wooden box