• Dream Quilt

  • Inspired by ritual objects made by Huichol indigenous people of Mexico, god's eyes have become a ubiquitous craft taught to youngsters. The symbolism is associated with prayers for children. God's eyes are woven on sticks that are crisscrosses. The ends of the sticks represent the basic elements- earth, water, wind and fire, and the four cardinal directions- north, south, east and west. The center of the eye symbolizes seeing and understanding things we normally cannot. This is a dream quilt. Intended for sleeping, drifting off into the corners of enlightenment, finding peace and knowledge, a raft to journey through the age of knowledge. 

    The fabrics in this quilt are cotton and linen, each color is hand-dyed with plants. The blue is made with indigo. Light pink is made with madder roots. Dark russet pink is made with brazilwood. Light and dark purple is made with logwood. A few strips of fabric are dusty dark blue, the result of over-dyeing indigo and logwood. 

    Hand quilted with japanese sashiko thread, stuffed with wool batting. Hand bound with cotton fabric from the same dye lot. 

    measures 75" X 86"